Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Is It

This is my last quarter of undergrad.  Or rather, I hope to make it my last quarter of undergrad.

The only thing that's going to stop me from graduating this December is 15 credits of Korean.

Realistically, all my classes have the potential to stop me from graduating, but also realistically, I'm going to pass them.  

The normal student that takes a language course on the individual track takes 5 credits a quarter. 
Most language classes (classroom track) are 5 credits anyways.

I'm taking 15.  Korean 102-104.
For the individual track (from now on called I.I.) students meet with an instructor 1 on 1 for 15 minutes, and complete an ACT session.  In the syllabi there are requirements for each ACT, and the ACT session covers it.  There are 30 some ACTs per credit.  Some have 40.  

In total, I have 117 ACT sessions to complete.  I have 10 weeks of school.  5 weekdays.
We are only allowed to schedule 5 times a week, with a maximum of 2 appointments a day.  But "walk-in" sessions are unlimited.  So if the instructor is free during an open spot that hasn't been taken, I can take it.

I calculated, in order for me to be completely done with all 117 ACT sessions in 10 weeks, I need to do 2.32 ACTs a day (5 day week).

I'm going to try and do 3-4 a day, and finish it all by week 8.  We'll see.  I plan on going in about 3 times tomorrow.  I went once today.  I need to do a lot this week and next, because I'm going camping next friday.  

Time to buckle down.  

I hope I can do it because I need to.

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