Friday, October 3, 2008


Cold War Kids are coming to the Newport next Sunday (Oct. 12)!!!!

But, I'm coming home from camping that day, and I will have a ton of school work to do...
So unless I can find someone to go with me, that actually wants to go because they like the Cold War Kids, then I'm probably not going to go. Sad.

I went to one concert by myself once. And I intend to keep it that way. Going to a concert by yourself is really awkward. Awkward enough where you have to milk it...

It was last Spring? I went to a Ben Lee concert by myself. It was a good show though. I was just by myself. Sad.

I think the Kooks are coming on Oct. 14. That would be on a Tuesday. I like the Kooks, but I have class from 7:30-9:18 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I skipped class yesterday. But I don't want to keep skipping class, because then it will become a habit. I'd rather have a habit of going to class. The student in me says that it is the right thing to do.

I wish I was in New York, because everyone comes there to play. Big or small. But especially the small. I love small venues, that aren't too crowded. I think that's why I like to keep looking for new artists and bands that aren't big yet, so if I do see them anytime soon, I know their concerts won't be big and annoying. I think.


p.s. Yes Rudy, I do still have a blog. I have to keep it up now. You gave it a shout out. I'm following you now, but you have no posts. Follow me. FOLLOW ME! (this is for everyone, not just Rudy)

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hannah love said...

at least you get some sweet bands that go there.
waterloo gets nobody.
i've never been to a show by myself.
actually one time i was on my way to a show by myself when i picked up 2 hitch hikers who happened to be going to the same show as me HAHA
i risked my life. so stupid