Monday, June 23, 2008

NYC Chronicles 05

I'm at work right now.
I actually have a lot of stuff to do, but I just wanted to update.

I've been getting more comfortable here in New York City.
I've always been comfortable in the city, but people wise. I'm starting to make friends, and I hope they are lasting friendships.

If a friendship doesn't last, is it even worth it? I hate to say something like that, but I'm really picky when it comes to friends.

I don't like having a million 'friends'.
Which isn't to mean that I only have close friends, because I can only devote so much time to each person, you know?
I just like to have friends that I know I can trust, and trust is something that is earned from both sides.

This might cause problems for me, because I need to network while I'm out here. Which means, being acquainted with many people. I can't befriend all of them, or any at all. But I have to get my foot in the door somehow. I need to have some connections. Because that's what it's all about. Connections.

But the friends I make during this summer through the program, I hope they are lasting friendships, and I hope they want the same. Because it can't work if one side doesn't want the same thing.

That was longer than I thought it would be...

So, I went out on Friday night, with some friends, and we got split up because some got into the club for free, and some of us got a different color ticket and had to pay $20 to get in. And to think, $20 was the "reduced" cover charge. So I left with a friend, and went to St. Marks and chilled at a bar, then called it a night, and we went back to the lame I-House.

Saturday, I went to Coney Island during the day. There was a Mermaid Parade. Crazy & Hilarious. It was a great day to be at Coney Island weather wise too. I left the group early, by myself to change and go to a BBQ in the LIC. Good times.

I won't go into detail, because, well, I don't want to bore you.

I need to start doing things on the weekdays. Because weekends are starting to get packed.

Back to work...
or, time for lunch!

Monday, June 16, 2008

NYC Chronicles 04

My second weekend here was good.  Long, but good.  

Had a long week of work.  They got me doing a lot of busy work.  I guess it's good, because it's a good experience.  

Ogilvy is just so big.  

But, I'm never bored at work.  I'm not always excited, but I'm glad I'm there.  No doubt in my mind.  I'm happy to be there.  I'm happy to be where I am.  I'm happy to be with the people that I've met.  

Friday night, some of us went out to a night club, which was fun.  But, the lights inside were ridiculous.  Strobe lights, in 5 different colors all simultaneously going off at the same time, and it was very disorienting.  

Saturday we went to Central Park to go see Vampire Weekend.  All I have to say is.  Fail.  It rained out.  The line was really long, and it was humid.  We just walked around a little bit, then went to Union Square for dinner.  Dinner took us a total of 4 hours.  We loitered around some more, which strangely was the theme of the night.  

Stayed up late, playing guitar heros and just talking with other people in my program.  

Didn't make it out to church, which I had planned...
Instead I woke up at 1:30, and watched The Happening at 4:00pm.  Interesting movie.  Kinda dumb, but interesting.  

This dude was complaining how I sat down on the chair he put his foot on.  
a) I didn't see the foot
b) I only found out he was pissed because he was talking about me to his wife really loud (intentionally)

So I had a little argument with him.  
He was upset because I did ask him to move his foot, and I said something like "my bad" and he said that it was too late.  I admit I wasn't being all that friendly, but if someone's going to talk down to me, I'm not going to be polite.  But w/e.  I didn't intentionally try to piss him off, and also I'm not trying to start a fight in a Magic Johnson movie theater in the middle of Harlem.  At the end I just apologized because nothing should have happened in the first place.  Also, his biceps were the size of my head.  

Point is, the movie was kind of lame.  Mostly because I payed $10.50 for a matinĂ©e.

Lakers won!  Holla.
Sam Cassell is ugly.  

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NYC Chronicles 3.5

I took a picture at work of my name's styrofoam though.  full timers get glass ones, but it looks cool!   In my opinion.  

I finally meet people today.  I had to break out of that box, so to speak.  I felt like I approached it in a slightly awkward way, simply because, I'm not used to meeting so many new people at once.  I'm comfortable just knowing people that I know, w/o having to meet and greet a bunch of people at the same time.  But, all is well.  I met some real chill people, hung out at the pub, played pool, and foosbal.  Also watched the Lakers beat the Celtics.  

I swear, if Boston wins another championship, I'm gonna flip out.  

That's all for now, I need to get up around 7AM.

Monday, June 9, 2008

NYC Chronicles 03

I had my first day at the office today.

It was....long, but fun.  

The orientation meeting at 8:45 went on till 10:30, then we had to fill out paper work till 12:00, along with other stuff.

Then an I ate lunch with another intern and I think two people from HR, one for sure.  Both cool people.  The other intern is cool too, a health freak (brought her own lunch) but still cool.  I felt a little awkward, because the dude went to rutgers and so did the other intern, and they've met before, so I was a little behind on the conversations.  

I met people from the team I'll be working with, all cool people.  I think I'll be hanging out with them mostly, so it's good that I think they are cool.  Hopefully they think the same of me.  

I had some more training classes to attend, then at 4:00 we went on a tour of the building.  Not the whole building, but the main spots.  Then after the tour, I went home.  

Hot day.  Again.

The other day or two my ID card didn't register at the cafeteria (I-House).  Turns out, that minor spelling error on my name "Min Chan," was the reason why it didn't register, because there is no one here under the name Min Chan...

So I had to get a new ID, new photo and everything, with correct spelling.  

Cafeteria food, is surprisingly decent.  It's not cheap shit, so it better be decent.  Their cookies are good...I bought 2.  

I got my "training" to the work out room, and I just have to turn some forms in tomorrow and my ID card will give me access....time to start running and working out.  For realz.

I got more paper work to fill out to turn in tomorrow.  

So until NYC Chron. 04...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

NYC Chronicles 02

My second day in the city was better than my first.  I actually did something(s).

I misread the weather report, and thought there was 0% (zero) humidity, but it was more like 50%+.  So I wore jeans.  It was like 95 degrees.  I started sweating while waiting for the subway (above ground station).  

I went towards midtown by myself to hit up a footlocker or something, maybe do a little shopping, but it got so hot that I just bought a Vitamin Water and went to PK's place a little early for the "Cookout in LIC."  We chilled until more people started coming over, then moved to the rooftop, which was a few floors below their apartment...

I met some people from the place I will be interning at, at the cookout.  They are all cool people, so I hope that translates into the work place.  

We hung out on the rooftop for a bit, then I went to the Lightspeed Champion concert, which was friggin AWESOME by the way.  That ended a little past 12AM.  Then I went back to the I-House, showered up, then slept.  

Long day, but it was good, especially towards the end.  
Also, I'm pretty good at Cranium (I think).

Saturday, June 7, 2008

NYC Chronicles 01

For the past few days, I was feeling more and more anxious as my summer in New York City approached.  I spent my last week in Columbus studying for finals, packing, and trying to find time to enjoy myself with friendly company.  

Maybe my anxiety stemmed from the stress of studying and packing?  This wasn't my best quarter academically, even if my grades say otherwise.  I was not disciplined enough, or hardly at all.  I still haven't gotten all of my grades back, but so far so good.  If it wasn't for extra credit, I would have had a mediocre quarter.  

I spent my last few hours in Columbus packing.  I repacked twice.  I got lucky at the airport, sort of.  My big bag was 51 lbs, 1 pound over the 50 lbs limit.  But the old lady at the desk let it slide.  I then got on the plane, took a one hour nap, only to wake up and realize that I was still in Columbus.  I fell asleep through the part when the captain explained why we weren't in the air.  We then got to New York, and had to circle around LaGuardia Airport for 30-45 minutes because of busy air traffic.  

Moved in, explored by myself for a little bit.  Got lost for several minutes in my building.  Settled completely.  Did nothing.  I ate some chips and cookies from the vending machine, but I was too tired to go out to look for real food, partially because I napped for several hours.   And soon I will be going back to sleep.  

I had pictures, but there was an error.  Perhaps later.

Next time: NYC Chronicles 02