Friday, September 26, 2008

It's All USC's Fault

After USC beat OSU on September 13, the value of OSU football tickets went down.   

A lot.

It used to be, like, last year, or the year before that, when you could sell any of your tickets for $100+ per ticket, EASY.

I'm struggling to sell tickets for this Saturday's game (OSU vs Minn)

I mean, it's the first Big Ten game for OSU.
It's also Chris Beanie Wells' first game back since he got injured in the first game of the season against Youngstown State (scrubs).
ALSO it's the game AFTER our star recruit, Terrelle Pryor threw for 4 touchdowns in a win against Troy.

This could be a momentum game.  
But nobody is buying tickets.  
Last week was the lowest attendance record for the past 6 or 7 years (I forget the actual # of years, or what year since).

But, with Big Ten play coming up, attendance has to go up, it just has to!

When I was waiting in line to get my tickets upgraded (so no student ID is required to get in, which makes it easier to sell to non OSU students), and she told me that she sold her OSU vs UMich tickets for, get this, $1,000 a ticket.  She sold two tickets total, hers and her husbands (Seemed kind of young to be married, but who am I to judge.  At least she's in grad school...we had a small conversation)

She sold her OSU vs UMich tickets BEFORE the USC game.  Which right now, sounds like the smartest thing ever.  EVER!

I'm glad USC lost too an unranked team. 

But it's not just my ticket I'm trying to sell.  I have to sell my friends, and his friends ticket too!

I feel bad if I just sell my ticket.  I mean, I might just do that if somebody wants one. 
Honestly, if someone goes up to me and says, I want to purchase one ticket, I'm going to sell him mine.  

GAH!  I hope somebody buys these damn tickets...
Because not going would be a huge waste.

I might just have to sell them for face value.

Okay, sorry, this post doesn't count.  It was more ramble than anything else.
I'll make it up to those who read next time.  I'm curious to know who actually reads this, besides those that I follow.  But then again, trying to find out is a little stalker/creeper-esque.  

Okay, it's time for me to creep out.




Cecil said...

you know i'll always be a creeper.

hannah love said...

haha so you buy tickets so that you can sell them for a higher price right?

dang, that really does suck though.... i have heard the money you guys could rake in because of it just being an OSU game.

Rudy said...

dude you still have a blog...