Monday, September 15, 2008


So I had the address to this blog as
Then I changed it to

I got "ejaquantumbreeze" from a song, so it's not completely random...

Then I changed it back to

The reason why I changed it at first, was because of a couple reasons:

1) achang27 is kind of a lame for a blog.
2) I want to express myself fully on this blog, talk about anything on my mind, even if it involved work (at the time I was interning at Ogilvy in NYC).

So just incase I said anything bad about the agency, which I didn't, I did not want to have it easily accessible online for everyone to see.  Everyone as in, the company that I want to work for in the near future.  

Seeing as how these days companies are utilizing Facebook, Myspace, or any other big social networking site, to screen potential employees, I did not want to hinder my chances of future employment.  

I realize it was stupid now, and have changed back to the original name.

As amazing as the internet is, it's also very dangerous.  The media is very powerful (see last post on how media screwed Ohio State football; note the post is not comprehensive).  

So, basically I didn't want something bad to be
 linked to me.  
It was Korean Thanksgiving, this past Sunday, or something like that...
This is actually the first time I've celebrated it, at least to my knowledge...
And by celebrate, I mean, eating bi bim bbap at my aunts house for lunch.

Then after lunch, my mother and sister and I we
nt to 3 different grocery stores.  
1) Trader Joe's
2) Costco (I know, I know, it's a wholesale club, but we bought milk, which is a grocery item, along with other stuff.)
3) Wegmans (A Whole Foods-like place, it's a nice store, I like it a lot.)

During out grocery hop, we went to Shilla, which is a Korean bakery, and had some pot bing su (Note: Not actual picture of the pot bing su that I ate) 
It looked like this, minus most of the colorful fruit.  Each place does it differently.  I'm not going to get into it.  If someone wants to know what it is or wants me to describe it, I'll do it later, but I won't digress, I do it too often.  

So we are at Shilla, and I'm looking at some baked goods that I might purchase to consume at a later time.  Then I see my mom walking over to some people sitting at a table, and I go over too.  It's the parents of my old best friend.  I was friends with this kid since childhood, and then he moved to Philly at the end of 8th grade, right before we entered high school.  It's a really bad time for a best friend to leave.  I haven't seen him since.  I've had sparse contact with him, since then.  I knew he lived out here, but by that time, I couldn't say that we were friends anymore.  

A lot happens in high school.  But, since I don't talk to him anymore, I didn't have a means of communicating.  I didn't forget about him.  I just didn't think about it.  But I gave his dad my phone number.  We'll see if they call.  Part of me is hoping they don't.  Part of me is curious to see how he's doing.  

But yeah.  Small world, I guess.   

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