Saturday, September 13, 2008


I hate it when people call The Ohio State Buckeye's overrated.  

Granted, we suck ass.  We suck so much, that we might not even win the Big Ten.  

We started the game real well.  Switching QBs seemed to work.  Then whenever Pryor had the ball, he just ran it.  USC figured that one out, as did the rest of the world.  

The media has hyped us up so much, it sickens me.  I admit, I loved it at first.  I loved that everyone hated us, because we were good.  I loved that everyone would rather be where we are, back to back appearances in the national championship game, albeit we lost both, we still got there.  I thought, we can't get any worse.  We have a ton of returning starters from last seasons team.  We must be good.  We have to be good. 

But no.  Not this year.  
Once again, we have choked.  I don't even know if the game is over.  I stopped watching after we punted it for the umpteenth time.  

Deep down, I knew we were going to lose this game.  The cards were not in our favor.  Beanie went down in week one, and I knew, this season was going to suck.  

Maybe that raise Ohio State gave to Coach Tressel was a mistake?  Don't get me wrong.  I love Jim Tressel, but we never seem to have a good game plan against quality opponents.  

I could purely be speaking out of frustration.  I don't know.  I don't know anything anymore.

I know that the media dicked us over, and we just got our asses kicked by USC.  

Beanie or no Beanie, we still would have lost this game.

At least I'm a better man...

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hannah love said...

hahahah ok
i shouldn't laugh... really, i know how this is a big deal for you guys and im just your average canadian girl who happens to have friends at both USC and OSU and decided to watch the game.

i don't even know how football works completely. reading your entry allows me to understand the way a real fan's mind works.
all i knew before was that OSU made it to the championships in the past 2 years but lost... so i figured they must have been good, but then suddenly hearing that USC was number 1 in the news a few weeks ago surprised me.
hopefully as the season continues, things get better for the Buckeyes!