Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I need to move on with my life.

I need school to start, so that I can finish it.
And I need to graduate, so I can go off into the world.

I'm bored here in Virginia, but no more bored than being in Columbus.  

I went out and bought a wireless router, because this business of me not being online consistently was driving me crazy.

But I'm not going to be online as much as I did when I did have a consistent connection.  I can't rely on it too much.  I need to go out and do stuff.  I really do.  I'm getting ridiculously lazy.

But anyways, I saw some movie trailers on apple.com and there are some movies I really want to see.  I can't remember the titles, but if I saw them, I would recognize them.  

I started looking for new music again.  This is sort of an old hobby of mine, but it's hard to do without the internet.  

You know when someone asks you to describe who you think is your ideal person of interest?  
I always thought that question was dumb, at least when I was asked.  

It's so hard to describe the ideal person.  How else can you describe the person besides, "perfect"?

Hence the word ideal.  

And every time someone asks me that question, I have no good answer.  

I remember when someone asked me what kind of girls I was into, I didn't know what to say.  Um, the good kind perhaps?  Granted, I didn't say that.  I actually didn't say anything.  The person asking never stopped talking so I never got a chance to answer, which turned out to be good, because I didn't have one.  

But they answered for me.  They said, "you like artsy girls."

What does that even mean?  

I like...art.  I suck at most forms of art.  But I still like art.  But, how does one come to the conclusion that I like artsy girls?

Is it the way I dress?  
With my then-not-broken-glasses?  Jeans?  T-shirt?  

People love to label other people by the way they dress (guilty --> me).  It's funny how I'm a victim of it.  I've been labeled emo by various people.  Each with their own definition of it.  I listened to all their reasoning, and I accepted some.  But for one person, they labeled me emo because of the way I dressed, and I disagreed. 

If I called someone an idiot, and then they asked me why I think they are an idiot, and I answer, "because you dress like one."  Does that make sense?

End of Tangent**

Needless to say, I don't know what an "artsy" girl looks like.  

I do have a thing for girls who can sing and play guitar or another cool instrument...

Note: Top girl not the same as bottom girl

Growing tired.  

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