Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've decided to invite a friend to write on my blog.  

I think it will be fun, because it will give me a reason to check my blog, and then we can have posts that are of a similar topic.  

I'm all (-most) settled here in Columbus.

I drove from Virginia to Ohio at 5 am on Monday, and drove straight to campus to partake in the Involvement Fair, which is just a big fair, where all the student orgs, fraternities, and sororities come out and try to get (mostly) incoming freshman to join.  If there are upper classmen, they are either a) tabling and/or b) walking around to get free stuff.

That's what I did at least.  

My living space is starting to look a little more homey.  I put up my cork board and dry erase board calender, which still reads at the top, "March 2008."  

June feels like it was so long ago.  
I wish it was June again.  I want to experience what I experienced, again, with the same people, doing the same things, in the same places, all over.  It was that great.  

I'm starting to get depressed sitting here thinking about it.  So, I'm going to try and not think about it.  

It's difficult though because I miss the MAIP family, and New York City so much.  

Barring any disaster, I'll be in New York within 5 months.  Of course, this is IF I can find a job.  

Which reminds me.  

I did not email every agency that I talked to at the MAIP career fair in early August, but I did email a couple, the ones that I was really interested in.  

Ogilvy & Beyond Interaction 

I haven't heard back from either.  Now, I know I wasn't responsible and email every agency that I talked to, earlier, but that was the past.  I'm here, in the now.  

I'm going to follow up with them soon, despite the fact that I did not get a response.  
But the fact that I didn't get a response from Ogilvy, worries me a little, and it makes me feel like, they don't really care about me.  I mean, I don't expect them to actually care about me, and how I'm doing in life and shit, but I did intern there for 9 weeks.  

I got good reviews from everyone I talked too.  Was it too good to be true?  Were they just being nice?  I didn't really see any mean people at Ogilvy, they hire really nice people.  
Albeit some of them are a little intimidating, but approachable if necessary.  

I don't know.  I tend to over analyze everything, so maybe I'll take a step back and play it by ear.  But I can't slack off either, and miss opportunities.  

I think I should read books about advertising/marketing, and make myself knowledgeable.  


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cloudplum said...

blogger should have a message space where i can just message you random shiat.

yeah a lot of these agencies don't respond back much.

I saw that there are a lot of media jobs in NY right now though. Don't really know exactly where, but people have been getting them.

But I totally understand your concern regarding your own company not responding to you. You'll have to keep emailing them. I did, and eventually they got to it, or some didn't.

But, I don't think you needed to email every agency you spoke with. You can, to say thanks but if you're not interested in getting a job there then you don't need to push it more than that.

I hope I'll still be here in New York when you come back.