Friday, September 12, 2008

What the heck?

So it's a Friday night, and I'm sitting at home watching TV.  
Life's been like this for the past 2 weeks.  

There have been quite a few hurricanes these days.  I guess it's hurricane season?

So like I said, I am watching TV, and earlier I was watching E!.  They had this "wildest commercials" special thing-a-ma-jig.  With comedic commentary much like, VH1's Fabulous Life of, except not funny.  

So they were setting up the next commercial, and it's clearly an asian commercial.  The narrator says something along the lines of, "check out this commercial with a Korean family."  The point is, "Korean family" was said, it doesn't really matter what was said before that.

I take their word for it.  Why?  Because it's E!.  I expect that they know what they are talking about, mainly because they have to make sure they don't say anything that isn't true on television.  

I was mistaken.  They air the commercial, and it's an asian family, playing some kind of board game on a roof.  There are two reasons why I know this family isn't Korean.  

1) Everything on the board game is in Chinese characters.  
2) They are speaking Chinese.  

Now that we cleared that up, the actual commercial was ridiculous.  I'm not even sure what the commercial is selling.  Yeah, there's a board game the family plays, but something tells me they aren't selling the board game.  Why?  Let me explain.

There are the parents and a son and daughter.  The son goes first, and he spins this arrow and it lands on some random character, and everyone starts laughing and then the dad takes the boy and spins him around a couple times, then he throws him off the building!

Then they keep playing, and the mom spins and seems a little disappointed, and the father and daughter are joyfully laughing, and the next thing you know, the daughter is lighting the mom's clothes on fire, and then the mom jumps off the roof...

Then the dad goes, and he has a similar reaction to the mother, and then you see the dad standing on the edge of the roof, and then get this, the daughter sticks a firecracker up the dad's ass and lights it.  It blows up and he flies off the roof.  The daughter wins??


This post was pointless.

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hannah love said...

hahah this made me laugh
but, that commericial.... what the heck?!

your blog address keeps changing on me