Monday, June 29, 2009

Shifting Gears

I'm moving my "BlogKorea" to my tumblr account.

I will continue to update this blog too, but for the purpose of blogging about Korea, tumblr is way easier.

Besides, nobody wants to read about me complain about thing anyways. But if you do (which you don't) I'll still be updating this blog, like I said earlier.

I guess I'll have to change the name again.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow...

Not really, but sometimes I like to think I'm special.

I'm really confused as to why they had to cancel orientation, which was scheduled to happen earlier today (6/24). Their main concern is the H1N1 virus, aka Swine Flu. They were worried that someone might have it, and it might spread during orientation...

So they do away with orientation and go straight to starting school the very next day (6/25). So isn't the "threat" still the same? We are going to meet in the same building everyday anyways.

It's pretty stupid if you ask me. But nobody is.

Oh I forgot to mention, we were supposed to find out what level we placed into during orientation, now we all have to do it before class starts at 9am. There are a ton of kids. I half expect to be waiting in a long ass line at 8:59am.

I guess I should sleep soon. I have to wake up early and get in line!

I hope you enjoy my random picture of a watermelon flavor popsicle. It was delicious.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back To School

I took my placement test on Monday (6/22).

I wish I brought my camera with me that day. When I got to the front entrance of the KLI building, I was stopped by a woman with a list of names. She asked me my name, and I told her, then she checked me off, and let me through. I was then stopped again at the actual door. This time, a woman in a white mask asks me to come to her, and lean forward a little. She sticks a thermometer in my ear (with plastic cover of course). She messes up the first time, and then has to stick the thing back in my ear. FINALLY I get inside.

I head downstairs to room 121, which I thought was funny because usually when room numbers start with 1xx, they are on the first floor. I see a ton of people of all ages. Mostly asian of course, but I saw several Caucasians, and a few Hispanics. There were a ton of Japanese and Chinese people.

We all sat in this lecture hall, and then the program coordinator went over a few things in Korean, then English. Then another lady came on stage and said the same speech in Japanese, then another lady does it in Chinese.

It was rather boring. We then received slips of paper with random room numbers. Those were our testing rooms. The placement test consisted of two tests. There was a written exam, and a speaking portion, which they called an interview. The written exam wasn't too bad, we were instructed to go as far as we could, which I did. But the interview was a little tricky.

My main problem with speaking Korean is vocabulary. This lady was asking me simple questions at first, but as the interview progressed, she started busting out words that were probably very simple, but baffled me.

There is supposed to be an orientation today, but because of the "H1N1 virus," it has been cancelled. Classes still begin on Thursday, June 25. I'll know what level I'm in when I go to school that day.

Hopefully I learn a lot.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Little Over A Month

That's how long I've been in Korea. Seems a lot longer though.

Let it be known that I have been working out every (week)day since May 18. That's like a personal best.

Lately though I've been eating like crap. I had burger and fries last Friday, a HUGE brunch meal on Saturday, burgers again on Monday, and today I had a decent sized roast chicken omurice for lunch, and dinner I had pizza and pasta, 2 macaroons, some "Bibim Myun," a noodle dish (my dad ate 1/2), and samples at E-Mart. You can never say no to a free sample...especially if it's a potsticker.

But I think with my workouts, I'm balancing it out? I need to not do that though, and tip the scale in favor of health. It's a shame that most delicious foods are bad for you.

I've been more social as of late. I've hung out with a few friends, and I've been going to my friend's church. It's a little far, as in it takes a long time, to get there. But, I think it's a good way to meet people. And I'm more active on Sundays again.

I'm getting anxious for classes to start. I wonder what level I'll be in. I wonder what my class will be like. I wonder if I'll be that quiet kid, or if I'll be more of a social butterfly. (past evidence puts the former at a higher possibility)

Guess I'll just have to wait and see! I take my placement test this coming Monday (6/22) then the following Wednesday (6/24) is orientation.

Now this is my minor (but kinda major) dilemma. I usually start my workouts between 10am-12pm. But my classes start at 9am till 1pm. I don't want to make it a habit of going to the gym after class, cause that's the time I want to spend hanging out with friends/making new friends.

I spend about 2 hours at the gym (workout+shower). The gym opens at 6am. Duh, there's my solution. But that's much easier said than done. The earliest I've gone is 8:30am, and that was damn hard. I can't imagine myself going to the gym at 6am, getting done by 8am, then going home to drop off my gym bag, pick up my book bag, then take the bus or subway near campus and walk up a hill by 9am. If I did that, I'd accomplish more in 3 hours, than I would in one day.

But, maybe I should start going at 6. Supposedly working out in the morning is better for you.
I can just imagine dropping a weight on myself cause I'm so tired. Or falling asleep while using the treadmill. I hope nothing like that happens.

That's my life so far. I guess I didn't really update about Korea.

Here are some things you need to know:

-Korean's (from Korea) are the most unapologetic people.
-Not everything in Korea is cheaper. I'd rather shop at a mall in the U.S. than a mall here in Korea.
-Popsicles, are WAY better here.
-So is Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut in Korea PWNS Pizza Hut in America, except it's way more expensive too.
-You don't need to hold doors for people, cause they won't hold em for you.
-You don't have to tip.
-If you're under the age of 40, sitting down in the subway car, and some grandma or grandpa is standing around, you give your seat to them. I'd hope you'd do that anywhere though.

Earlier today, I was thinking about random things that I couldn't resist.

Here are the top-5 things I cannot resist (in no particular order):

1) an itch
2) watching/reading up on cleveland professional sports
3) a delicious burger
4) checking my email and social networks
5) hanging out with friends

That was harder than I thought.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Must Look Forward (or Up)

It's been a a year since MAIP 2008. The summer that put things into perspective for me. The summer where I discovered where I wanted to be.

Now MAIP 2009 has started, and people, just like me, are embarking on a summer of a lifetime.

I hear news of friends getting internships, jobs, and getting into grad school. I couldn't be more happy for each and every one of them. But I can't help but ask myself, "When is it my turn? When do I move on?" I hate missing out on fun, exciting times. I feel like things always get more interesting when I leave. But it's up to me where I end up. Lets hope I'm SUPERDUPER motivated when I get back.

But I think that all the time, so it's nothing special...

It's starting to heat up here, but the past couple days have been surprisingly cool, probably because it's been cloudy...

I'm starting to get a little bored here to be honest. I know a few people out here, but we all have our own schedules. Or rather, they have their schedules, and I have mine (or lack there of).

I was a little busy the past couple weeks just applying to the program and seeing family and touring random folk villages with my cousin's parents-in-law.

But now I'm totally free. I just work out everyday. I'll be trying to schedule meetings soon with people. But not now. Now it's time for bed.

Before I go, I just want to let everyone know that I miss them very much.
More, serious, update on Korea later.

Monday, June 1, 2009

June Jamboree

I've been in Korea for a month. Almost.

So when I joined my gym last month, I also signed up for a "semi personal training" program.
It started yesterday, and goes on till June 30. So basically I get 3 weeks of "semi P.T."
The trainer just shows me how to do certain work outs, then goes to work with other members, then comes back to check up. It seems like a waste of money. It also seems as if it's their job to do that for ALL members. But people have to make money right? Might as well find ways to charge customers for something that should otherwise be free. If it's not 1 on 1 training, you shouldn't have to pay for it. Unless you think otherwise. Anyways, I'm working out regularly, and my goal is to lose 10 kg, or approximately 20.05 lbs, in 3 months. My gym membership expires in a little over 3 months.

Last time I was out here, I lost 14 pounds in 3 weeks, but I was basically starving myself (drinking this powder with water for every meal). The majority of the 14 pounds I lost was muscle. Despite the fact that I worked out every weekday during that time. I had no energy. It was basically one of the worst 3 weeks of my life. Didn't help that I'm in Korea, land of delicious food. So this time I'm taking a slower approach. I don't know if I'll be able to reach my goal, just because I don't know how my body will respond. But I will try my best. I hope.

The past two Fridays I've visited the dentist. He's an old family friend, so he hooks us up. I haven't been to the dentist in years, so I was glad I went. Sort of. I had 4 cavities, and had them cleaned out. I also got my one wisdom tooth pulled out. It was a bit of a surprise though, cause I didn't find out he was taking it out until I sat down in that awfully uncomfortable chair.

My teeth are still a little sore, but the pain is manageable without painkillers, but I have them just incase. To my surprise, I don't have swollen cheeks. Or rather, cheek. This disappointed a few friends. I was a little disappointed too. I was ready to take a lot of self portraits.
Something I don't like doing. You know, like holding the camera out and taking a picture of yourself, usually from an angle, whether up or down, depending on your mood?

I don't care if other people do it. I mean, I do, but whatever I'm not them. People can do what every they want to do, as long as it makes them happy, regardless of what I or others think. But if it doesn't make you happy, don't do it, cause it's counterproductive.

BUT there is one time you shouldn't be taking self portraits. That's when you're in the car.
Specifically the driver seat. In the middle of traffic.

I saw this girl doing exactly that. She must have taken like 10 pictures of herself. I think 1-3 is fine. But 10? That's borderline narcissism.

I'm almost done applying to Yonsei's KLI program. The website's a piece of shit, so I have to go in for scheduling. I also have to submit my transcript. I'm also not sure if they got my essay or not, cause the website is worthless.

Once I start classes, I should be pretty busy, and things should start to be more fun. Not that I'm not having a great time now. I am, but it's more of a, "I'm doing nothing" kind of fun. I need more "experience new things" kind of fun.

It's a new month, so that means new playlist.
I like this playlist. I mixed in a few oldies but goodies.

Again, I upload all my pictures onto Facebook. It's easier that way, unless someone has a better idea. Then tell me!