Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meeting Goal(s).

So, my "screenplay" is scrapped. I read what I had typed up over and over again (I wrote very little by the way). It sucked. My characters had no real depth. The plot was going nowhere.

I think my current state hinders my imagination.

My album on the other hand is picking up steam. But not in the sense that I'm putting a ton of effort. My initial goal, which was to re-record songs, failed. Partially due to me being lazy, but also because I couldn't find the lyrics on my computer and external hard drive.

So right now I'm just picking and choosing songs, and right now, I'm at six songs. My goal of eight songs is easily within reach. Especially because I already have my seventh song. It just needs to be re-recorded. I know, I know. Why don't I just re-record everything then? Well, it's cause this song is special.

Correction. I'd like to think all my songs are special, because they all have, at one point, been important to me. They represent what I was feeling at the time I wrote them. They are like time capsules.

Anyways. The seventh song I was talking about is so special because it was the first song I've ever written.

So as it stands, counting my seventh song, I have six originals, and one cover. Ideally I'd like to write a new song soon, but realistically, I might just do a cover.

I wonder if there is a way to upload songs and then post it on a playlist?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Almost April

I'm hard at work on an April playlist.

At first I had it automatically play once you came to the blog, but then I realized how annoying that was. My apologizes. It is now up to the user to press play. I guess I'll just post about what I'm putting up, so I can generate some interest, and perhaps some suggestions.

The past few hours, I've been really into the Korean music that is on my iPod and computer. It doesn't help that I only have one Korean artist on both my iPod and computer...
The artist is Epik High. They are pretty good. They have nice beats. I can't say I like all their songs, but they have some good ones. Gets me in the dancing mood. Some of you know that means trouble. And by trouble, I mean, fun times!

I like making playlists whenever I travel. When I was still in school I made playlists for every quarter. And then eventually every month. But sometimes it got annoying, so I wasn't always on top of things.

I used to have this playlist titled "Almost Perfect" because, to me, it was almost perfect. Except when I just kept adding songs, and it got to be over 300 songs. At that point, it wasn't a playlist anymore. It was more like a mini-library of music. So, I discontinued it. I wish I still had it though.

I just got back from a wedding. My friends Brian and Julie got married today, so congratulations to them (although I'm 99.999999999% sure they don't read this, or know it exists).

I'm kinda tired.

I really like this song: These Old Shoes by Deer Tick. This is not an official music video, but some random video someone posted on YouTube, but it was better than some other ones I saw.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Don't Judge Me

I'm in Columbus, Ohio. I haven't been back since December, and not much has changed, physically. I definitely don't feel as attached to Ohio as much as I was before. But I don't feel attached to Virginia. I can't say that I'm attached to New York, because I don't live there, but more and more I want to move out there as each day passes.

Hearing stories of how things are in Columbus are revealing, disappointing, unsettling, but there are those that give hope to this town, hope for this community. But nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, comes as a surprise to me. I have/had these expectation for how things were back when I still lived here, about school, people, and life in general. Practically all of these expectations have been met. Some for better, some for worse.

I'm not mature. In my opinion, and through my experiences, I have learned that not many people in Columbus are all that mature. Mainly because there are a ton of college students. Don't get me wrong. I know MANY mature, responsible, civil, college students all over, but there are so many immature, inconsistent, inconsiderate people in this world.

I try not to judge people. But honestly, can someone say that they don't judge? There isn't a single person out there that hasn't judged someone for something. If you read this, and you don't judge, you are a modern day saint. But lets be real.

When that guy or girl, but most likely a guy, is all up in your personal space, and coughs violently without covering his mouth, you aren't just going to sit there and be like, "He's a nice man." No. You will most likely think, "UGH! That dude is disgusting! Get out of my face, and cover your mouth when you cough!"

Don't get me wrong. I believe that is a perfectly normal reaction. I don't want some random dude to cough all up in my grill. That IS gross, and that IS rude. EVERYONE JUDGES.

So next time I say "don't judge (me)," what I really mean is, "don't think less of me."
But I also just realized, when I do say, "don't judge," that probably makes the person think even more less of me had I not said anything at all. Because when one says, "don't judge," it implies that they know they are doing something that isn't widely accepted in society. Like getting hungry while looking at thisiswhyyourefat.com.

Just sayin'.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monthly Playlist(s)

So I finally got my playlist up. I made it last week, but I couldn't fit it correctly, but thanks to Elaine, it is now up!

I got the idea from her blog, and thought I could use a playlist on my blog seeing as how I love music.

I don't really have a theme of music for my blog, or what month it is. I'll probably just put up what I'm currently listening to.

Other than that, I really have nothing to blog about, because nothing is new.


Late last week I had replied to one of Schuyler Fisk's posts on Twitter, and earlier today she responded back. I mean, yeah no big deal if someone responds back to you on Twitter, but she's kinda famous, and I'm a fan of hers, so it was cool to see her respond back. I also decided to follow Cary Brothers today, and he is now following me back. Schuyler Fisk does not follow me, as do most famous people on Twitter. It's cool that Cary Brothers follows those who follow him.

I bet most celebrities don't tweet back or follow their fans.

It's nice to see that they actually control their account, instead of a computer, or a person hired to manage a celeb's twitter, facebook, myspace, etc...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Dynamic Duo and The Dynamic Blonde

During my freshman year (2004-2005) I was bored in my dorm room and I always wanted to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop. So I though to myself, why not just fiddle around with it?
At the time, I was also obsessed with 24. I have been since the first episode came out in 2001. And I still am. I was also slightly obsessed with Elisha Cuthbert...

Let it be known, I know less about Photoshop now, than back then. And even back then, I had no clue what I was doing. I still want to learn how to use it. I just might have to start a new project...

This is part 1 of 2. I have all the part 2 pictures, I just forget how it went together, so I have to find my original post on my Xanga, which I don't use anymore.

Enjoy, and don't judge:

Sometime in the year 2004:

In a cold dark prison somewhere in Los Angeles, Saddam Hussein is held prisoner at a maximum security prison until further questioning from the US government...
Somehow Saddam managed to escape, but he didn't get very far, especially with Jack Bauer and Adam Chang on the watch...
After being detained, Saddam was interrogated by Kim Bauer, Jack Bauer's daugher, and Adam's secret lover.
After getting nowhere in the interrogation, Kim Bauer met up with Adam...
Jack meets up with Kim and Adam, and they go to Jack's office at CTU for a meeting...
After the meeting...
After Jack leaves for his run, Adam and Saddam engage in an intense game of rock, paper, scissors...

During their heated game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Jack comes back from his run...

Tony Almeida gets back to CTU...

Next time on The Dynamic Duo and The Dynamic Blonde:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Making Music

So I'm currently working on my album. I usually work on my screenplay late at night. While watching Family Guy on Adult Swim.

I recorded some stuff, wrote some stuff, and learned some stuff. I'm constantly changing what I want to cover. There are too many songs I like! And they all sound equally as bad when I play them. There's something about consistency that I find appealing.

Other than that, and waiting to hear back from my interviews, I've become obsessed with peanut butter. I've always liked the stuff, but I always needed jam or jelly to compliment it. But now I like it by itself on bread. Bad thing about peanut butter is that it has a lot of calories. But it's apparently pretty healthy. As long as you don't eat too much of it. Then again, you can say that for everything else.

I wish I had sweet audio editing software, and I knew how to use it. Like in The Matrix, when Tank just uploaded how to pilot a helicopter into Trinity's head, and she instantly knew how to fly the thing. That would be awesome. Awesome I say.