Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wasting Time

So I'm at a friends apt here in NY and I'm very tired. But not tired in the sense that I want to sleep. Well, I'm getting there, but my point is, I'm not asleep.

I've been in NY since Tuesday night, and I interviewed on Wednesday and Thursday. I feel like both went really well, and regardless of what happens, I'll be happy. Happy in the sense that each interview is a valuable experience, and I was fortunate enough to interview with two very down to earth people.

I leave for DC tomorrow evening, but my day will be packed with fun activities.
I'm getting doughnuts or donuts (which ever) at Doughnut Plant in the morning, then I'm meeting up with some MAIPers for lunch at Shake Shack. I'm equally excited for both.

I've been messing around with pictures the past couple nights. I came across this website that lets you edit pictures:

I've been having a blast, and it's great for people like me, who don't know how to do fancy stuff on Photoshop. I mean, you're limited to what they give you for free, and even then, the free functions are pretty nice. You can upload 100 photos if you pay, and only 5 if you don't. But after you finish a picture, you can just save it on your hard drive and delete it off the site.

My new header was also done on
Here are some other pictures I've done so far:

If you haven't noticed, I really like the "neon" effect.

These are the originals:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Help my friend!
Watch this video:

Rate it 5 stars! And if you'd like, leave a nice comment!

Or just watch it here, but go to the link and rate it! And if you can, watch it multiple times, and send it to people and tell them to do the same!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Life Update

So in case you're wondering, I'm still working on my album and screenplay.
But some things have come up within the past few weeks that have occupied my time.  

About two weeks ago I had an interview at Neo@Ogilvy, and I didn't get the job.
This Wednesday I have an interview at Neo@RMG.  I certainly hope to get more interviews down the line, but I also realize that it's a tough time to find a job.  Especially in advertising.  

So I'm going to New York again this week.  I go their so often, I seriously should consider moving there now.  But, I don't have the means...

Hopefully I'll find a job soon so I can move out there.  

So back to my projects.

My album is coming along.  slowly.  It definitely won't be as long as I said it was going to be.  I'm probably going to aim for 8 - 9 tracks.  Since my decision to actually make an album, I've only recorded one song.  And that was two days ago.  I've got writer's block.   But I've had it for what seems like a year.  

I'm now just going through old stuff and seeing if I can make things better.  Maybe re-recording them.  Maybe.  And maybe a cover.  Or two.  Maybe.  I'll figure it out.  

My screenplay is also coming along slowly.  I sort of have the beginning, but I'm still trying to figure out how it will fit into the rest of the story.  Or how the rest of the story will fit into the beginning.  It's all in my mind, but all messed up.  I have to decide which direction I want to take it.  Figure out if I want to end it on a good note, or a bad one.  It will come together eventually.  Hopefully soon.


Friday, February 20, 2009

End of an Era

Late Night with Conan O'Brien is almost over!  I mean, he'll be on The Tonight Show replacing Jay Leno.  I'm excited for that to happen.  But, I liked watching Conan AFTER Leno.  I don't know why.  I personally don't even like Leno.  I mean, I respect him and his work, but Conan's humor just hits home more, personally.  And I bet a lot of people agree.  

I just finished watching tonight's Conan, and they showed this clip:

I love random stuff like this.  

Also, no more Masturbating Bear =(

Monday, February 9, 2009


So I've been writing my screenplay, and the software I mentioned in a previous post really helps. 
I still don't know how to describe it, perhaps it's because I'm so tired.  But I don't have to keep formatting it, because it automatically does it for me.  I just have to type.  

I'm having issues though.  Not like, me staying up WAY too late. (I still average like 7-8 hours of sleep despite the fact that I wake up closer to noon)
Rather, I have issues with my plot.  I don't know which direction to take it.  At first I wanted to make it a slightly romantic drama with hints of comedy, but I decided not to do that.  Then I wanted to do straight up tragedy, but thought that was too depressing.  I considered straight up comedy, but I'm not that funny.  

Basically, I don't know if I want to end the story on a good note, or a bitter one.  I like the concept of nobody being happy (in movies).  

Part of the reason why I hate movies that have happy endings is because a lot of the times, it's unrealistic.  But that's what movies are about right?  Escaping reality.  

I don't know what it is.  Part of me wants my main character to be truly happy in the end, and another part of me makes me want my main character to suffer.  

Nothing that involves death or anything of that sort.

I think I'm having a hard time, because I sometimes write the story as if I am the main character.  I then try and think about what I would want, but it conflicts with my story because, I have to steer my character in one direction while I know that I would want to go another way.

It's stupid, because I'm afraid that this story that I have, up here in my head, is actually going to happen to me.  Not exactly, but in general.  The only experiences I have are my own, and I can only write about what I know.  I'm not even trying to film this.  I just want to write a screenplay.  I want to write it because I've always wanted to write one.  

I want to see my story finished.  But every time I try to write, it's like I'm trying to predict what's going to happen to me in real life.  

Is there a word to describe how I'm feeling?  Besides crazy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I feel sick to my stomach. I feel like I'm going to vomit, but I know I won't.

I'm not sick. I just feel sick. I feel anxious. I'm being neurotic.

Not much I can do about it right now, except wait. I'm trying to get my mind off things, like finding a job. Just for now.

I'm starting my screenplay. A friend recommended some software to help me write it. Its called Celtx. I don't really know how to describe it. To be honest, I just opened the program and I haven't really used it yet. But once I get used to it, I'll post about how it is.

Seeing as how I have no clue how to write a screenplay, I decided to just look at some screenplays and read them through. According to my friend, each page of the screenplay should take approximately one minute.

It's amazing to read these screenplays and see how much action drives the movie. Of course, dialog is important, but going scene from scene, the action of the actors and camera drive the movie. It's crazy.

I'm looking for inspiration, so I'm listening to random songs, and putting them in a play list. Potential soundtrack? I love random mixes.

If you haven't already, watch the video from my previous entry. It's not much, but it's my first video blog post. Although I filmed it in December. I put it together earlier this week. I hope to do more.

Am I finally finding direction? Am I gonna go video? We'll see.

I'm gonna try and fight through this anxiety.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Video Blog *FIXED*

So I made this last night, but I filmed it in while I was moving out 
in December.
It's a little long, so if you're gonna watch it, keep that in mind.
It's really stupid, but I told myself I'd make it,
and I have too many projects left undone.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I got some 3D glasses from K-Mart.  That store is depressing.  It just looks so bad inside.  You walk in, and you walk back into the early 90's.  Not in a good way either.  

I watched Slumdog Millionaire yesterday.  I enjoyed it, but it was a little long.  The girl who played Latika (the oldest one) is very attractive.  

I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (finally!) tonight.  I also enjoyed this movie.  I'm a big fan of Michael Cera, I think he's hilarious, because every time I see him, I think George Michael Bluth.  I'm not the biggest Kat Denning fan, but I liked her in the movie.  Is it me, or does she looks like a curvier Hilary Duff?  I always confused the two in the past.  

I'm tired.  But I can't sleep (what's new).  My sister and I had to baby sit our cousin's kids.  We picked them up a little past 9AM, and we took em to Burger King for breakfast, then Petco to see animals, then Chuck E. Cheese. 

It was a long ass day for me.  I didn't get anything done, not that I had planned to do anything anyways.  We got back home around 3PM, and I passed the hell out till 10PM.  

You see my dilemma now?  I'll pass out soon, I think.  I hope.  

So I narrowed down some songs to put on my album.  I'm trying to write a new song too, but I haven't written a song in almost 6 months.  I have nothing to write about.  I also want to have a couple covers too.

I wanted to get a head start on my screenplay.  I realized that I won't be able to write it.  I don't know how to formally write a screenplay.  The best I can do right now is to type up the movie scene by scene, develop characters and setting.  So I started that.  We'll see how it does...

I really want to get these done.  

But I also really want to find a job.  
I applied to Razorfish the other day.  Randomly.  I need to start researching them more, because I don't know shit about em.  

Keep it real.