Monday, November 3, 2008

I Am Nerd

So I officially revived my nerd status the past few days...
I used a phoenix down.  

I hate me.

So if you've been around me long enough, you'll know that I'm sort of a geek.  But not even the smart kind.  Like the kind that likes to play video games.  But not just any kind of video games, the RPG (Role Playing Game) sort.  I bought Final Fantasy XII (12), last winter and I said I was going to beat it before summer.  Epic fail.

I ended up going off to New York for MAIP without accomplishing one of several goals.  But I don't remember the other goals.  I just know I had them, because I always seem to make goals for myself.  Well since I've been back in Columbus, I've played Final Fantasy XII a few times, and I kind of forgot the story line, I didn't feel connected with the characters, and I didn't know where the hell I was or where I was doing, so the game seemed foreign to me, despite the fact that I had put in many, many hours.  

Well the past few days, I've been playing it more frequently.  I finally beat this boss, and it felt great because I had failed 2 times before, earlier.  So I finally progressed with the story, and caught myself up, and now I'm hooked.  again.

I still play Madden, which is a great game, but sports games are the most fun when you play with someone else.  

I need to beat Final Fantasy XII though.  I can't keep putting it off.  I must finish.  I can't live with myself, if I don't beat it by the end of this quarter!

Don't judge me.  Please?  I'm bored here in Columbus, so I resort to Final Fantasy. 

On a more normal note, I played Flag Football this past Friday, and it was great.  More fun that I thought it would be.  Different from tackle, obviously, but just as fun.  

I'll keep ya'll posted on how far I get.


Cecil said...

who's your team A? my ex-gf and i played that all last year. we spent hours leveling up. our team A was balthier, fran, and ugh, now i cant think of his name... the tidus looking dude. the main character basically... i should just google his name, but whatev, you know who i'm talking about. it's ok adam, i won't judge you. lately, i've been getting back into video games now that i'm home and we just bought a wii. i even ordered MGS: twin snakes for the gamecube so that i can play some solid snake action on a nintendo... to conclude.... we are nerd.

AdamChang said...

yes i'm not alone! Vaan is the guy you're talking about.

that's my team A too, because my team B of Basch, Ashe, and Penelo sucks. I haven't leveled Penelo up, so she's at 18, and Ashe is at 35, while Balthier, Fran, and Basch are lvl 30-40 and Vaan is almost 50.

augo said...

i wont judge, i support, am i worse if i just sit there and watch you?...