Monday, November 24, 2008

Summer Recap Part II

Here is Part II of my Summer Recap.  But before you continue on down, I said that this would be a "two parter."  Well I just realized that I have a ton of pictures, so this "Summer Recap" will take as many "parts" as necessary.  

I could do them all in one, but blogger doesn't let me organize pictures the way I want to.  Also, It doesn't put them in the order I put them in when I upload them.  So I have to take each picture, and drag it down, one by one.  For every picture.  It becomes a long and tedious process so that is why I'm not doing it all at once.  

So here we go:

This is the waiting area on the 6th floor @ Ogilvy.  It's Neo@Ogilvy's floor.  I think I was waiting for some people to go to a "Thirsty Thursday" event.  It was also a Media Planner's birthday.

We went to 230 Fifth, a rooftop bar in NYC.  That's the Empire State Building.  Everyone from Ogilvy that went got wristbands, and we got to eat a drink for free.  

Best free  mini-burger ever.  It was really good.  They had samosa's too, they were okay, but the inside's looked like green baby vomit.  But don't get me wrong, they were pretty good.  Their drinks on the other hand were weak.  Until we tipped the waitress.  

I forget the name of the joint, but I met up with an old friend, and met her boyfriend, and his friends, and another friend who I didn't know was going to be there.  It was fun.  My shrimp taco's were delicious.  The only issue I had was that there were only 4, and they were as long as my index finger.  I need more food.  Also, this place has the best guacamole I've ever consumed, thus far.  Mango flavored, orange flavored, they were all good.  

This is from when I went to the Siren Music Festival @ Coney Island with PK.  As usual, Coney Island was packed.  But probably more so because of the concert.  We walked around a lot, ate italian ice ($1), played skee-ball, and people watched (aka judged).  The stage was too far away to actually sit there and pay attention.  The main band I wanted to hear was Broken Social Scene, which we heard for a little, then left.  There were other bands, but I didn't want to walk over to the other stage.  

This is after the Siren Music Festival, I think the same night.  We managed to get Dark Knight tickets @ the AMC theater in Times Square.  I think it was opening week, or the week after?  Point is, the movie was sold out for practically a month.  

This was taken @ Central Park.  I went to the Summer Stage concert thing-a-ma-jig.  Santogold was playing.  I'm still not that into her, but it was fun.  Minus the whole, waiting in a line part.  I didn't take this picture though.  Anu took it, with my camera.  It's pretty neat.

So as MAIPers, we have to give back to the community.  Not only because we wanted to, but also because we had to.  This is from the TORCH event.  Where we basically set up shop and had a mini-college fair for high school students.  This was somewhere in NYC.  Near Washington Square Park.  Kimmel Center?  

I guess I can't complain, because we were organized alphabetically.  We each represented our own school.  I, of course, was representing OSU, but to my left, was UPenn.  
All those kids in the picture...were inquiring about UPenn.  Didn't even look at me, or take a brochure.  

But then a miracle happened.  Somebody stopped by and asked about OSU.  I got a little nervous.  I'm not one that is full of school spirit, but I do like my school.  I had to make us look good.  So what do I talk about?  Sports.  But we're not even that good at that anymore either...I think I was showing him a picture collage I made while I was at work.  All the picture in that collage were of athlete's.  

I knew someone felt my pain.  Randy, also representing a Big Ten school, University of Minnesota.  He sat next to a girl from NYU.  Carla I think.  I don't think she knows me.  But I know of her.  Thanks to mass MAIP emails.  (Carla not pictured)

This sushi is from Tenzen.  Nothing spectacular, but the sushi was good.  We had a "Hot Date Night."  Basically an excuse for a big group of people to go out and have dinner together.

Here's Tiffany and Ruchy.  

After Tenzen, I think we went to Crumb's?  I'm pretty sure it was Crumb.  Anywho, Geia wanted to eat the cake like this for a picture.  The first time around, I didn't look at her, but I was looking at the cake.  She then yelled, "You're supposed to look at me!"  This is the result.  
The cake was alright.  

Stephanie and Zack.

Later that evening Rudy and Tiffany stopped by my ginormous room.  I forget what we did.  I think we just watched youtube video's.  And maybe drink some beer.  I forget.  

This is from when some of us went to MoMA.  Look at all the people that are passed out.  The museum wasn't that boring...

Brandon thought it was pretty boring...

Worst piece of art.  Ever.  I really mean it.  It's seriously just a square canvas painted black.  with a ridiculous description that I will share with you another day.  If you look back far enough, I might have already blogged about it.  


In front of MoMa.

This is from when we walked to Dinosaur BBQ, only to not eat there because it was packed.  They eventually ate there, but I was unable to attend.  Sad face.  

So that night we didn't go to Dinosaur BBQ, we went to this Cuban place.  It was pretty good.  Brandon had a cool idea for a picture.  The right camera screen is over exposed, but it's another "eye".  You get the picture.  

Part III will be up shortly.  I hope before Thanksgiving.  


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