Friday, November 21, 2008

Summer Recap Part I

So this is how my summer started:

-I got news that I have been accepted into the AAAA MAIP 2008 program.  Holler.
-I had to send a profile picture of myself, but I didn't have a good one, so I took one.  And still, to this day, I don't have a good profile picture of myself.  But since this is the image used in the MAIP book, I have to put it up here.  Can you say "awkward?"...

-I finally get to New York.  I didn't get a chance to relax yet, because I had finished my final exams the day before, literally.  This was my humble abode for 9 weeks, which apparently was way bigger than other peoples' rooms.  Holler??
(Air Conditioning not included)

-Here's a shot of my desk.  It got messier as the weeks went on.  

-This isn't from my first day at work.  But, this was probably within the first 2 weeks.  I really enjoyed interning at Ogilvy & Mather.  I would love to work for them.  I hope they search me after I apply for a job, and they stumble upon this blog.  It's already linked to my Facebook, which they probably check.  

-My first outing with a big MAIP group.  We went to Coney Island for the Mermaid Parade.  It was pretty fun to say the least.  I enjoyed my Nathan's hot dog.  

-First un-official MAIP party (only some knew about it, but only because nobody knew each other).  This was at a friend's APT.  We basically just ate food and had some drinks at the rooftop of their building.  Funny thing is, we had to go down 4 floors to get there.

-The night before my birthday.  Basically, it was just a regular outing for us MAIPers, except Hiro told people that it was also my birthday.  Thanks Hiro.  I really enjoyed partying in your ballroom (club's name = Hiro Ballroom).  We danced a lot.  I made friends.  

-I'm pretty sure I took this on our way back from Hiro Ballroom.  The significance of this picture is Cecil's face.  I captured it again later on.  It will most likely be in Part II of this segment.  

-The night of my birthday.  After a failed attempt at going to an suggestion, we went uptown to K-Town.  Specifically, La Quinta Inn (not a Korean establishment).  They have a small rooftop bar, and we drank there for a few hours.  I'm not wearing beads.  It was a shot glass necklace.  I used it once.  I wore it for the style...(pictured is Jessica and I).

-While at La Quinta Inn rooftop bar, some of us got hungry.  Hiro and I went to Woorijip (A Korean establishment), and got some Korean food.  It was really good when I ate it.  It was really gross when I threw it up on the way to my cousin's.  I ended up in Chinatown that night, by myself.  I was supposed to get off on Prince St. but the train didn't stop.  So I got off on Canal, and barfed.  It was a long night.

-The day after my birthday, Less than 12 hours after the above incident, My cousin and sister, who came to visit for my birthday, and I, went to Freeman's for an awesome brunch.  This place is tricky to get to, but my cousin knows NYC like the back of her hand (I never understood this saying, but I'll talk about that another day).  This is the alley way leading to Freeman's.  (Pictured: cousin and sister on left, random dude w/ pink shirt on bike on the right)

-This is the inside of Freeman's.  There is much more to it than this, obviously, but I feel like this captures the scene.  

-Basically this whole day was kind of my birthday celebration.  After Freeman's we walked around, and my cousin and sister went shopping.  We went to a desert place, but I didn't take any pictures.  The lady gave us a free cookie.  They were so good.  All homemade, all delicious.  We bought a cake for dinner.  We met up with my cousin Paul and his fiance Pam.  I also invited my friend Patricia.  We ate at a Thai place next to Smack, a mac n' cheese place, which I have yet to try.  

-Afterward dinner I went to go karaoke with my sister, her friend, and Patricia.
This is me and my sister singing, which looks to me, like a Korean song?  I can't read Korean that well, nor do I actually listen to Korean music on a regular basis.  

-This picture was taken during the Gay Pride Parade.  Which was pretty fun actually.  Cecil, Hiro, Larissa and I went, and got drenched from the rain, but that only made the gay people  Here is a picture of the Google bus.

-One day we went to Tom's Diner, the one from Seinfeld.  You know, the one that they always eat at?  Well the inside doesn't look like that.  They just used the outside.  I ordered chicken fingers, and was amazed that one of my pieces was shaped like Africa.  Hiro then calls me a racist for saying that my chicken finger looks like Africa.  I was caught off guard because I had no racist intentions.  The situation was kind of hilarious.  And delicious.  

-After Tom's Diner, we walked around Columbia's campus.  We lived really close to it, and Tom's Diner was about 2 blocks away.  The campus is really nice.  Really small compared to Ohio State.  Actually, tiny would be a better way to describe it compared to Ohio State.  

-This was taken on the 4th of July.  We went to Cecil's mentor's friend's apartment.  They promised a great view for the fireworks show.  Little did they know that the barge, where the fireworks were launched was a little more upriver than the previous year.  Pictured below is the result.

-This was one of my favorite days.  A group of us went to Chinatown and got some dim sum.  We ordered a ton of food.  

-We ate a lot of food.  If you can, look at Brandon's face (middle).  Tell me that is not a full/content face?
<span class=

-On another day, Anu, Larissa and I went to a bakery close to the I-House (International House), where we were living, and got some snacks.  I think I got cookies, and devoured them.  Anu got this red velvet cake.  It was alright.  Nothing special.  The cookies weren't that great either.  When I devour something, it usually means it was good, but when I devour cookies, it's only because they were cookies.  (I love cookies, even the mediocre kind)

-On a hot day in July, Hiro, Zack and I went to the Central Park zoo.  It was pretty cool.  I watched a sloth move from the ground to the top of a tree.  It only took 5 minutes.  I love the way sloth's move!  We also took this hilarious picture, but it's not on my camera, and I'm too lazy to find it, save it, and upload it.  I did see a Polar Bear though.  Two actually.  If you look closely, on the bottom right corner, there's another Polar Bear.  They are holding hands.  The other one's so dirty.  Polar Bear's aren't as white as the Coca-Cola commercial's make them out to be...

-This was after one of our Tuesday seminar's.  I think it was the production studio one?  We met on a rooftop and split up and toured this office.  It was pretty cool, except I almost fell asleep during one of the stops.  Afterwards I told some people that I'd go see the New York Philharmonics at Central Park with them.  This place was packed.  I heard that there were like, 100,000 people there.  AT ONCE!  I couldn't even see the NY Philharmonics.  I wasn't even facing them.  But I couldn't tell because we were so far away.  After the concert though they had a small fireworks show.  I LOVE fireworks.  Needless to say, I was very excited for this because our 4th of July fireworks were so...weak.  

Well, that's it for now.  I actually chose to do this instead of my Korean homework.  I also told myself that I wasn't going to do my Korean homework until I finished this post.  

But remember, this is only Part I.  Part II will be up soon.  
Do you like it when I have more pictures than words?  
Let me know.  I want to cater to my readers, all (insert small single digit number) of you.  


Cecil said...

a few notes:

1. that picture of me is horrible. where is the classic cecil smile?

2. smac is delicious. i highly recommend you go WHEN you return.

3. i still apologize for the terrible view on the 4th of july. the next one will be better. promise.

4. i saw PK yesterday at the MAIP event we had.

5. i just realized that new york will be a lonely place for a browns fan.

6. someone hire this man.

7. the word verification for this comment is "futies" hahahah, terrific.

Randy Kowlessar said...

Thanks for helping me relive the best summer of my life... *sigh*. I miss that place, and the folks in the pics, a lot. Thanks for the sweet pic of me getting my groove on, that's how I do. I'm looking forward to Part Deuce!

Word verification: regorni

hannah love said...

pictures along with your captions are very good!
i need to go back to nyc during the summer sometime