Saturday, November 15, 2008

I've noticed that I have been getting very lazy the past few weeks.  I'm waking up late.  I don't have the drive that I had in September.  

This seems to happen often throughout the year.  I can't explain it and I can't avoid it.

Although I think I can avoid it, but in order for that to happen I have to change.  

I keep telling myself that I'm going to "change" but it never happens.  I just end up waking up later, staying up later, studying less, and goofing off more.  

Time to start getting into the habit of doing things that are good for me.  
(I say this to myself ALL the time)
But it's better to say it, than to ignore it, right?

On another note:

I saw Quantum of Solace, the latest James Bond movie.  I enjoyed the action scenes, and how it was filmed in general.  The plot was a little thin though.  Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but I felt like there needed to be more explanation about the "secret organization" and more about their intentions.  Rather it seemed as if the movie went on with little, to no, plot direction.  

The intro reminded me of Mad Men.  Sorta.

Overall I give it a B.   

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