Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I got my Macbook back last night.
Less than 12 hours after I gave it to the Apple store to fix.  
They said they'd call me in 3-5 days.  
They always say they'll call me in 3-5 days, and I always get my computer back the next day. 

I have the first generation Macbook with the 60 gb hard drive, but Apple no longer carries the 60 gb hard drive, or at least this particular Apple store did not have them, so I got a free 80 gb hard drive.  So I got 20 free gb's of hard drive space.  

I really like the Apple Care Plan, because I've used it many times.  Not to say that my Macbook is prone to breaking, but for various reasons.  I've only had two hardware issues.  Video card, and hard drive.  All my other uses were cosmetic.  I got wrist pads replaced because they were staining, and I got a new, lack of a better term, shell, cause it was cracked.  

Beyond that, my Macbook has been very durable.  

There is one issue though.  Not with the actual Macbook, but with the Apple Care Plan.  
The 3 year plan is great.  But once the three year deal is up you can't extend it.  You can't even buy a new 3 year plan.  Kind of ridiculous.  

They were explaining to me that once the plan ends, there is a fixed rate for repairs...$300.   But if it's a "major repair," say your screen cracked, it's going to cost you more.  
They were telling me this as if it was a good deal.  

I love Apple products.  I will most likely continue to purchase them through out my life, but they need to cut prices.  

It just goes to show how much people are willing to pay for an Apple product.  

Kudos to them.  

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