Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Last Week of Class

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  
I spent mine at my roommates house in Toledo, Ohio.

I've never been there in all my years in Ohio.  It's a pretty blue collar town, also sort of ghetto.

I didn't take any pictures, mainly because the only things I wanted to take pictures of were when I didn't have my camera on me.  

I was online earlier and I found this Portland Trailblazers fan blog, and you know how they have that yearbookyourself.com thing?

Well they did it for Greg Oden, and I thought it was/is hilarious.  
Greg Oden is tight.  Not only because he played for Ohio State, but also because he's a funny guy.  

Greg wore the same thing as me, and copied my hair style for picture day in 1980...He looks better.

These are some other pictures...I have stuff to do, but I did this instead.  



What's sad is that my face fits the fat guy outline so well.  Then again, I did put more effort in resizing the image.  

Honestly.  These pictures can keep me occupied for hours.

Summer Recap Part III will have to wait.

I want to start a "homeroom."  
Perhaps a MAIP 1974 Homeroom??

1 comment:

hannah love said...

ahahah this cracks me up.
you gotta make a 'yearbook' page with your friends sometime.

im sure you had fun with the hongs!