Saturday, August 9, 2008

NYC Chronicles 12

That time is near.  

I extended my flight though, from Sunday night, to Wednesday night.  I'm going to relax in the city, and take it all in for all it's worth.  I'm going to do the things I never go to do during the short 9 weeks I was here (I came a week late, in case some people forgot, which happens more often than not).  

The past two weeks have been both fun and frustrating.  
I put in a lot of hours at work the past 2 weeks to complete an intern project.  
Stayed late at work, did real work at home, slept late, woke up early.  
And then I played whenever I had the chance.  

If there is anything I can say about this summer, I would say, hands down, this has been the best summer of my short life.  There were times where I wish I was a million miles away, and I didn't always see eye to eye with certain people, but in the end, the good things are all that matter. 

I made great friends.  I have great friends.  I cannot say whether or not I have achieved my goal to make lasting friendships.  Only time can tell (cliche), but in the future, we will see who we will surround ourselves with.  

Keeping in touch is not my forte.  I'm in fact, really bad at it.  It's hard enough for me to actually make friends as it is.  But I will try my hardest.  This is when I appreciate AIM, text messaging, and Facebook.  Although, a phone call would be nice, it might be awkward if there is no communication for a year, then you call someone.  

I have more I want to say.
But I have to pack.  I'm about 70% done.  
I'll be back in Ohio on August 13th.  
I still have a ton of pictures to upload.  

Tomorrow's going to suck.  

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