Friday, March 27, 2009

Don't Judge Me

I'm in Columbus, Ohio. I haven't been back since December, and not much has changed, physically. I definitely don't feel as attached to Ohio as much as I was before. But I don't feel attached to Virginia. I can't say that I'm attached to New York, because I don't live there, but more and more I want to move out there as each day passes.

Hearing stories of how things are in Columbus are revealing, disappointing, unsettling, but there are those that give hope to this town, hope for this community. But nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, comes as a surprise to me. I have/had these expectation for how things were back when I still lived here, about school, people, and life in general. Practically all of these expectations have been met. Some for better, some for worse.

I'm not mature. In my opinion, and through my experiences, I have learned that not many people in Columbus are all that mature. Mainly because there are a ton of college students. Don't get me wrong. I know MANY mature, responsible, civil, college students all over, but there are so many immature, inconsistent, inconsiderate people in this world.

I try not to judge people. But honestly, can someone say that they don't judge? There isn't a single person out there that hasn't judged someone for something. If you read this, and you don't judge, you are a modern day saint. But lets be real.

When that guy or girl, but most likely a guy, is all up in your personal space, and coughs violently without covering his mouth, you aren't just going to sit there and be like, "He's a nice man." No. You will most likely think, "UGH! That dude is disgusting! Get out of my face, and cover your mouth when you cough!"

Don't get me wrong. I believe that is a perfectly normal reaction. I don't want some random dude to cough all up in my grill. That IS gross, and that IS rude. EVERYONE JUDGES.

So next time I say "don't judge (me)," what I really mean is, "don't think less of me."
But I also just realized, when I do say, "don't judge," that probably makes the person think even more less of me had I not said anything at all. Because when one says, "don't judge," it implies that they know they are doing something that isn't widely accepted in society. Like getting hungry while looking at

Just sayin'.


hannah love said...

Hey, what is the difference between stating the obvious and then judging.
i think judging is making assumptions and deeply analzying somebody based off what you can see and maybe even what you know.
to not judge is to try and understand that person and why they did whawt they did.

what that person did was gross and rude, but are they always gross and rude? maybe. .. but maybe not

AdamChang said...

agreed, judging is what you see externally, and then you just assume they are like that. and every little thing that person does seems "gross and rude" (or any other adjective). that's how i feel.

i don't mean that i feel that way about people, i just think that's how it works, but i could be WAY off.

as far as "stating the obvious," i dunno. besides stating the obvious hahaha.