Sunday, March 29, 2009

Almost April

I'm hard at work on an April playlist.

At first I had it automatically play once you came to the blog, but then I realized how annoying that was. My apologizes. It is now up to the user to press play. I guess I'll just post about what I'm putting up, so I can generate some interest, and perhaps some suggestions.

The past few hours, I've been really into the Korean music that is on my iPod and computer. It doesn't help that I only have one Korean artist on both my iPod and computer...
The artist is Epik High. They are pretty good. They have nice beats. I can't say I like all their songs, but they have some good ones. Gets me in the dancing mood. Some of you know that means trouble. And by trouble, I mean, fun times!

I like making playlists whenever I travel. When I was still in school I made playlists for every quarter. And then eventually every month. But sometimes it got annoying, so I wasn't always on top of things.

I used to have this playlist titled "Almost Perfect" because, to me, it was almost perfect. Except when I just kept adding songs, and it got to be over 300 songs. At that point, it wasn't a playlist anymore. It was more like a mini-library of music. So, I discontinued it. I wish I still had it though.

I just got back from a wedding. My friends Brian and Julie got married today, so congratulations to them (although I'm 99.999999999% sure they don't read this, or know it exists).

I'm kinda tired.

I really like this song: These Old Shoes by Deer Tick. This is not an official music video, but some random video someone posted on YouTube, but it was better than some other ones I saw.

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