Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm finally doing something out of the ordinary this weekend.  I'm going "camping."  

I add the quotations because we aren't sleeping in sleeping bags in tents in the middle of the forest.  

We're in a state park, and we're staying in a cabin.  We also have access to an indoor pool if the lake is too cold.  

We'll go out on hikes and stuff, you know, the typical outdoor activities people do.  

I'm not going to any Korean sessions tomorrow, although realistically I can probably fit in about 2 sessions in the morning.  But no.  It defeats the purpose of me starting my weekend a little bit early.  

I sold my OSU vs Purdue tickets, and I'm meeting a guy from high school at 11 to sell it.  Then I'm off to Athens, Ohio.  

This should be interesting, because it's a decent sized group.  Like, more than 10 people, and I only know 2 of them.  My buddies Jeff and Amy, who also happen to be dating (me = 3rd wheel all the time, like that time i went row boating with pete pasco and geia)

I hope they read this.
But I bet they won't.

I have no substance to my blog these days.  
Maybe I'll have something meaningful to blog about when I get back.  Maybe I'll have an epiphany when I'm walking around in the woods.   

On another note, I did 5 sessions of Korean today, to tie my previous high (of 5), last week.  My goal is to do 6 in one day.  I'm not sure if it's possible, but it will require extensive preparation.  I'm not ready yet.  But I will be once I get back on Sunday.  

Stay with me on this one...

Next Thursday, I'll have my last, first exam of the quarter.  *(If I can finish Korean...errr, I mean, when I finish Korean)*

I have a ton of work to do next week now that I think about it.  
Oh well, I don't get to do these kinds of things often, so I'll take advantage of the time I have now.  

Okay, my mind is wandering.  and my laundry is still drying.  and i'm not done packing as a result.  


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