Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to Civilization

I title this as if I was away in some cave for weeks, months, or even years.  

I was really in a cabin in an Ohio State Park (Burr Oaks), near Glouster, Ohio.  Very close to civilization, although the life style in Glouster, Ohio is quite different from Columbus, Ohio.  

I was probably the only Asian person in a 15 mile radius.  15 isn't much, but the town is tiny.  And Ohio University, which does have an Asian population (college students, international or not), is very close by.  

So I guess it doesn't seem all too bad.  But let me tell you this.  When we were driving through Glouster, Ohio, I was praying that we did not hit a red light in the middle of town.  

I was actually surprised to see traffic signals to be completely honest with you.  I mean, I'm not stupid, but this town is pretty isolated.  We literally walked amongst deer.  Well, we got close, then they ran, but we walked where they would have been standing...

Camping was pretty fun though.  It was a little hard at first, mainly because I didn't know any one except my two friends that set the whole thing up.  But a couple things bothered me.

Before we left for the state park, we had some errands to run in Athens, like buying snacks and drinks and stuff.  And so I went along with Jeff (my buddy) and his friend came too.  The dude's a nice guy, but if I fully judged him solely based on first impression, I would hate him.  

I just hate it when people ask me stupid questions, and I don't mean any stupid questions, I mean, the questions that are just completely ridiculous.  Like, "Are you Mongolian?"  

I've never even met a Mongolian in my entire life.  Have you?  The only Mongolian I know of is Genghis Khan, and that dude's been dead for 781 years.  I don't say this to be an ass either, I say this because I really mean it.  

I hate calling people ignorant.  I really do.  Even if they are, I just don't like the word all that much.  But seriously, some people are just stupid.  Unbelievably stupid.  

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hannah love said...

This weekend we were in a very... WHITE town and we were playing soccer and kids yelled out "konichiwa" to us.