Thursday, July 17, 2008

NYC Chronicles 09

Today was a long day.  

I didn't leave the office till 10:00pm.  

Why?  Because our group was hard at work to put the finishing touches on our phase one presentation.  And by finishing touches, I mean finishing the power point presentation.  

I think the finishing touches are being done by a team member now, or later in the morning, before our presentation.  

I mean, it was fun and all, but I think it was just because we were all just slap happy.  
But it was good regardless, because it's nights like that I will remember.  I like my group, we all work hard, for the most part.  Some work harder than others.  

It's like 1:46am right now, and I just finished doing some research for our phase 1 presentation.  i couldn't even get all the information I was looking for.  But oh well.  Nothing's perfect.  

Aside from having the longest work day of my life, I actually have to get up early today to pick up my clothes from the cleaners so...


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