Thursday, July 10, 2008

NYC Chronicles 08

So I took a 3 hour nap today.  3x longer than what I had originally planned for.  

As a result, I am still awake.  

Back in Columbus, whenever I was bored, or not fully engaged in something, I had a habit of "researching" music.  

I haven't been doing much of that here in New York since I'm usually pretty busy.  

There are some things I definitely miss about life in a smaller city.  
I definitely don't go out as much back home, compared to now.  
I enjoy going out and being with everyone, but sometimes, I just want to chill.  Go to a concert.  Get some halal food, a crif dog, and/or some dessert.  

I'm still very much used to just going out into town and looking at stuff and taking stupid pictures, and then going to bed at ridiculous hours, sober.  

I pretty much do the same thing here, but not always completely sober.  I never go crazy though.  I hate not being able to control myself physically.  

I guess that's the nature of the business?  I know it doesn't have to be, but the networking aspect of it all is so important.  

I just want to do more things that I'm accustomed to doing.  Like being lame.  Playing guitar for hours, writing lame songs, then recording them.  Driving to...anywhere.  (Gas is really expensive, so I don't miss this one too much)  Playing basketball on a full-sized court.  Cooking my own food.  

I can go on.

But I love it out here.  It's such a unique experience.  Not just the work, but the program, the people, and the culture.  

Today was the first time I didn't almost pass out in my cubicle.  



hannah love said...

halal food haha

yo, i would always research music. i'd sit on thecomputer for hours reading either music blogs, downloading/listening to stuff i've never listened to and then reading about the band. hahah and one time i spent hours organizing my music into folders via itunes and then finding all the album art to every album i owned. lame.
but yea, i like sometimes being alone and doing my own thing that you can't do with when you're with many people. but being in new environments kind of pushes you to constantly go out.
i kind of gave up on ONE. I tried to do Fan again, but I just suck at rapping in korean

Gena said...

this is why xanga is DEAD