Monday, June 16, 2008

NYC Chronicles 04

My second weekend here was good.  Long, but good.  

Had a long week of work.  They got me doing a lot of busy work.  I guess it's good, because it's a good experience.  

Ogilvy is just so big.  

But, I'm never bored at work.  I'm not always excited, but I'm glad I'm there.  No doubt in my mind.  I'm happy to be there.  I'm happy to be where I am.  I'm happy to be with the people that I've met.  

Friday night, some of us went out to a night club, which was fun.  But, the lights inside were ridiculous.  Strobe lights, in 5 different colors all simultaneously going off at the same time, and it was very disorienting.  

Saturday we went to Central Park to go see Vampire Weekend.  All I have to say is.  Fail.  It rained out.  The line was really long, and it was humid.  We just walked around a little bit, then went to Union Square for dinner.  Dinner took us a total of 4 hours.  We loitered around some more, which strangely was the theme of the night.  

Stayed up late, playing guitar heros and just talking with other people in my program.  

Didn't make it out to church, which I had planned...
Instead I woke up at 1:30, and watched The Happening at 4:00pm.  Interesting movie.  Kinda dumb, but interesting.  

This dude was complaining how I sat down on the chair he put his foot on.  
a) I didn't see the foot
b) I only found out he was pissed because he was talking about me to his wife really loud (intentionally)

So I had a little argument with him.  
He was upset because I did ask him to move his foot, and I said something like "my bad" and he said that it was too late.  I admit I wasn't being all that friendly, but if someone's going to talk down to me, I'm not going to be polite.  But w/e.  I didn't intentionally try to piss him off, and also I'm not trying to start a fight in a Magic Johnson movie theater in the middle of Harlem.  At the end I just apologized because nothing should have happened in the first place.  Also, his biceps were the size of my head.  

Point is, the movie was kind of lame.  Mostly because I payed $10.50 for a matinée.

Lakers won!  Holla.
Sam Cassell is ugly.  

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hannah love said...

hahaha sam cassell is really ugly. but tuesday night... the celtics will win.

haha hi adam, i know you are aug's roomie :) nyc sounds fun