Saturday, June 7, 2008

NYC Chronicles 01

For the past few days, I was feeling more and more anxious as my summer in New York City approached.  I spent my last week in Columbus studying for finals, packing, and trying to find time to enjoy myself with friendly company.  

Maybe my anxiety stemmed from the stress of studying and packing?  This wasn't my best quarter academically, even if my grades say otherwise.  I was not disciplined enough, or hardly at all.  I still haven't gotten all of my grades back, but so far so good.  If it wasn't for extra credit, I would have had a mediocre quarter.  

I spent my last few hours in Columbus packing.  I repacked twice.  I got lucky at the airport, sort of.  My big bag was 51 lbs, 1 pound over the 50 lbs limit.  But the old lady at the desk let it slide.  I then got on the plane, took a one hour nap, only to wake up and realize that I was still in Columbus.  I fell asleep through the part when the captain explained why we weren't in the air.  We then got to New York, and had to circle around LaGuardia Airport for 30-45 minutes because of busy air traffic.  

Moved in, explored by myself for a little bit.  Got lost for several minutes in my building.  Settled completely.  Did nothing.  I ate some chips and cookies from the vending machine, but I was too tired to go out to look for real food, partially because I napped for several hours.   And soon I will be going back to sleep.  

I had pictures, but there was an error.  Perhaps later.

Next time: NYC Chronicles 02

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