Sunday, June 8, 2008

NYC Chronicles 02

My second day in the city was better than my first.  I actually did something(s).

I misread the weather report, and thought there was 0% (zero) humidity, but it was more like 50%+.  So I wore jeans.  It was like 95 degrees.  I started sweating while waiting for the subway (above ground station).  

I went towards midtown by myself to hit up a footlocker or something, maybe do a little shopping, but it got so hot that I just bought a Vitamin Water and went to PK's place a little early for the "Cookout in LIC."  We chilled until more people started coming over, then moved to the rooftop, which was a few floors below their apartment...

I met some people from the place I will be interning at, at the cookout.  They are all cool people, so I hope that translates into the work place.  

We hung out on the rooftop for a bit, then I went to the Lightspeed Champion concert, which was friggin AWESOME by the way.  That ended a little past 12AM.  Then I went back to the I-House, showered up, then slept.  

Long day, but it was good, especially towards the end.  
Also, I'm pretty good at Cranium (I think).

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