Monday, June 9, 2008

NYC Chronicles 03

I had my first day at the office today.

It was....long, but fun.  

The orientation meeting at 8:45 went on till 10:30, then we had to fill out paper work till 12:00, along with other stuff.

Then an I ate lunch with another intern and I think two people from HR, one for sure.  Both cool people.  The other intern is cool too, a health freak (brought her own lunch) but still cool.  I felt a little awkward, because the dude went to rutgers and so did the other intern, and they've met before, so I was a little behind on the conversations.  

I met people from the team I'll be working with, all cool people.  I think I'll be hanging out with them mostly, so it's good that I think they are cool.  Hopefully they think the same of me.  

I had some more training classes to attend, then at 4:00 we went on a tour of the building.  Not the whole building, but the main spots.  Then after the tour, I went home.  

Hot day.  Again.

The other day or two my ID card didn't register at the cafeteria (I-House).  Turns out, that minor spelling error on my name "Min Chan," was the reason why it didn't register, because there is no one here under the name Min Chan...

So I had to get a new ID, new photo and everything, with correct spelling.  

Cafeteria food, is surprisingly decent.  It's not cheap shit, so it better be decent.  Their cookies are good...I bought 2.  

I got my "training" to the work out room, and I just have to turn some forms in tomorrow and my ID card will give me access....time to start running and working out.  For realz.

I got more paper work to fill out to turn in tomorrow.  

So until NYC Chron. 04...

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