Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I need ideas for a Halloween costume! I'm still not 100% where I'll be celebrating it, but if I am, I need a costume.

I've got a couple ideas, both are in the "unlikely" list, but ideas none the less.


-Techno Viking

Note: For Techno Viking I would need a body suit, a blonde wig/facial hair, green shorts, and some Scandinavian bling.


Jungook said...

you could be both

AdamChang said...

hmmm techno panda...that's actually an amazing idea! now i need to brainstorm to make it practical!

augustine said...

ahahahahahaaha technoviking

Jungook said...

You could just go as techno viking with a panda hat on... hahaha

AdamChang said...

i was thinking panda costume with viking hat on, because it's probably gonna be cold haha

Jungook said...

You should also have mad bling bling and crazy glowsticks for the techno part.