Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm back. I've been back for a week and maybe one day now.

I arrived last Wednesday, and then Thursday night went up to New York City.
I had an interview on Friday, then I hung out with friends and family until Sunday.

Those few days were so difficult. Not only because of the interview, but because of jet lag.

I hung out with friends Friday night, and I hit a wall around 6pm. Had a few drinks and we left the bar(s) around 9 or 10pm. Passed out on the subway, but woke up right as the train pulled up to our stop. That's always a surprisingly good feeling.

Got some chicken and rice and went to my friends house. Ate 5 bites and then realized I had no appetite.

I talked with friends for a good hour, and then I started losing it. I had to sleep. So I curled up in fetal position on a couch and closed my eyes while still talking to friends, who were sitting on the adjacent couch.

Next things I remember, it's pitch black, and the clock reads 3:30am.

Since then I've been waking up before or at 10am. Which is great cause now I can enjoy the day.

Now I just have to find something productive to do besides find a job. Which should consume all of my time in theory, but after applying to a few places every couple days, and then having to look for openings, it only takes a few hours a day.

I mean, since I wake up way earlier than I used to, I have a lot of down time.

I've started reading Pandora's Star. A 988 page science fiction book. This should take me a while.

My next update will have multimedia (ie video, photos, or both)

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