Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bringing Back A Classic + Updated Playlist

I couldn't think of a practical way to be "Techno Panda."

Also, nobody would know what I was except maybe 2 people, and neither are going to be remotely close in proximity this Halloween. (Aug & Devin)

I've decided to bring back the Care Bear.

Specifically, Harmony Bear.
The picture to the right is in fact the exact same costume I have, just not in that form. Mine's decapitated.

Oh, and the limbs are chopped off. I did keep that pinwheel of colors intact though.

I ran into a problem today. I still have the head. I looked through my stuff to find the limbs, and I could only find one of the legs.

I guess I could be half care bear, half human?

The costume has only been used FOR REAL on two occasions.

AAA's (Asian American Association @ Ohio State) Halloween party (2006?)
There was a costume party, and EVERYONE loved our costumes (Aug & I).
We lost to some little girl in some ugly mask, and I'm pretty sure she looked better with the mask on.

Okay that last part might have been a lie, but the point is, we should have won that contest.

The second time I only wore the head piece. We were playing flag football and it was cold. It kept my head warm. I also probably played the best game of flag football I've ever played that night. And guess what? I was wearing the head piece the whole time.

For the most part, good things happen when I wear it. Yeah, we didn't win the contest, but people loved the costume. It's like winning the popular vote, but not actually winning the election. I feel you Al Gore.

I'm not expecting great things by wearing this costume. Why?

Because I know something awesome* is going to happen. (please see bottom for *)

I'm excited to celebrate Halloween again and I hope you are too.
If you aren't able to celebrate, go buy some candy and eat it.
Or throw an egg at someone/something.
What ever brings back memories of Halloween.

I hope to take lots of pictures. Maybe some videos.

Anyways, be safe and stay warm! Unless you live by the beach.

* "Awesome" doesn't necessarily mean that it will be awesome at that given moment. Something awful can happen, but after a certain amount of time it can be remembered as an "awesome" event, which would effectively make it "awesome."


Jungook said...

Awesome costume is still awesome!

Gena said...

remember how a picture of you guys was on a facebook invite to the party the year after??