Monday, May 4, 2009

Countdown: 5 days

I've been having trouble sleeping lately. I think it's because I stay up so late...
I'm thinking about staying up all night and staying up till it's night again to sleep, because then I'll be exhausted. Or I might just fall asleep really late again.

I feel like I have so much free time that sleep isn't even necessary. We sleep because we need to rest for the next day. But all I do is rest. I don't have to get up early and go to work. I don't have to study (although I could find something to study). The past few weeks I've put the job search on hold. My fate was decided weeks ago. I'm off to Korea this Friday. No looking back. Unless I all of a sudden get a job offer within the next two days, I'm gone.

I'm excited, but I'm also not. I know my trip to Korea this time will be different from my visits in the past. I'm not there on vacation anymore. Although, I could sorta treat it like one...

I'm not taking this whole, "learning Korean" thing very seriously yet. I will though. I hope.
The hardest thing for me is knowing what I'm leaving behind. I hate to miss out on good times with the people I love. But I forget that I have a rare opportunity to experience something that not many people have.

I hope to make lots of new friends in Korea. I'm just not sure how it's gonna happen. I'm the kind of guy that always thinks of the "worst case scenario." Honestly, I think it's better than the guy who always thinks of the "best case scenario." I like to prepare for the worst, but that also makes me a little pessimistic. I wish I could find a balance. I'll have to work on that.

I'm bummed about many things, but two in particular.

1) I'm going to miss the last few episodes of 24. UGH it kills me. I heard doesn't work in Korea, which leads me to believe won't work either. We'll see. Maybe hulu will have it.

2) I can't watch my Cleveland Cavaliers play! This kills me too. I think a little more than #1. I mean I love 24. I love Jack Bauer. But I LOVE the Cavs, LeBron James, Mo Williams, and Z!
We have a great chance to win it all this year. Most people predict the Cavaliers to play against the Lakers in the finals. I hope so too. And I hope the Cavs win the series. I trust the coaches and players. Let this be the year!!!

I guess it's May now, which means I have to update my playlist. But I don't know if anybody actually presses "play." No pressure. Although I do try to put good stuff on there.

I had this idea last week. I have this Moleskin journal (mini one), that I wanted to use to jot down ideas. I didn't use it up until last week though. I guess you could say I wrote in my "journal." I did recap the day. Which sounds incredibly lame, but you don't see me judging you. Keyword "see."

I only wrote on one side (the right), but I didn't want to waste the journal and leave the left side blank, so I had this idea to draw some (awful) illustrations of the entry, or at least the "theme" of the entry. I don't think I'm gonna hold back on the drawings either. Although I am severely limited by my drawing abilities. Which might be on par with a 6 year olds. And not the ones that are good at art. I mean the ones that are "slow" to "normal."

Everyone's perception of normal seems to be a little different though. When I think normal, I envision myself. And I don't mean that in a way to say that I'm not weird. What's normal to me, is generally based off the things that I do or think.

I don't expect to update daily for this countdown. I just couldn't think of a title...

I have gone off topic a million times. I have no transitions. But I think that's acceptable, because I didn't transition any of my thoughts in my head. I just started typing whatever came to mind.

I'm going to end on that.


augo said...

dont worry adam shi we can go to one of those shady dvd rooms together..

AdamChang said...

i'm not worried. and no.

Daniel said...

or just download the 24 episodes via torrents. remember, you're outside the jurisdiction of the FBI now.

make the most of it.