Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tough Times

Life is lame right now. I'm stuck at home, and I still don't have a job.

I had a phone interview with OMD today. I can't say that it went great.
Honestly, I was WAY more nervous on the phone, than any other in-person interview. At least if I'm in front of someone, I can see how they react to what I say. Or I can change how I speak, or how I act, accordingly. Over the phone, it's so impersonal, and I'd like to think that my speaking skills are okay, but at times I felt like I had no idea what I was talking about (referring to my phone interview earlier).

I know that it's just a screening process. They pick out candidates, interview them over the phone, weed em out, then schedule in-person interviews for candidates that they prefer.
I really hope I'm a candidate. I would like to at least prove my worth to them in person.

The position is in Los Angeles. I can't say LA is my number one choice. Every one knows that my number one city of choice is New York City. Who knows, LA could be great. I bet it is. But for different reasons. Reasons I don't know because I haven't really experienced life in California. I've been there, yes. On vacation. But never have I lived there.

At least I know what life is like in New York. I've lived there, albeit a short 3 months, but I was working, and exploring, and meeting people, and having a good time. Just the thought of California, right now, is not 100% appealing to me, simply because it's so far. Although in the future, like more than 10 years from now, I'd like to live on the west coast. And maybe if things work out now, and I do get an interview at OMD, and I do get offered a position, I might just take that chance and move out there.

You stop getting opportunities the moment you stop taking them.

But if this all doesn't work out, what do I do? I'll keep searching of course. But, I have an opportunity to go to Korea, for say, 6 months. Do the Yonsei KLI program. I could spend valuable time with my family, and perhaps travel a little. All while getting better at Korean.

I don't know. I hope that I find a job. But I also want to go to Korea. I can't have both. Although my situation has a time table. If I go to Korea, I would go to June. So, if I don't have a job by June, I'd go to Korea.

I feel so little in this world. Not like how I felt during MAIP.

Twitter is getting annoying now. Servers are always backed up, and I get images of the "fail whale," which I love, but get annoyed with. Twitter is going through a BOOM.

Slowly, a few Facebook friends were joining Twitter, and then all of a sudden, a large chunk of them starting joining Twitter, and now people are saying how cool Twitter is, and how much they hate Facebook because it copied Twitter.

Please. Facebook may have a similar micro-blogging format, but Facebook is SO different. In fact, I'm still more of a Facebook fan than Twitter DESPITE how UGLY Facebook has become.

Don't get me wrong, I still like Twitter, and reading people's posts and I like the links they put up and pictures, but there is this one thing. Some people have Twitter apps on Facebook, so that when they update their Twitter, it shows up on their Facebook.

That application isn't appealing to me. Mainly because those tweets show up on people's Facebook as status updates. I don't update my status as frequently as my post on my Twitter. I like to treat them both as two different things.

I don't think Twitter will surpass Facebook. That's just my opinion.


hannah love said...

How can I find you on twitter?

find me!!

jahen86 said...


augo said...

twitter is gay

AdamChang said...

I'm taking a screenshot of this, for the day you sign up for twitter. Think of twitter as my scarf. It's gonna happen.

augo said...

i need to learn how to wear that scarf thing, dara told me to sign up for twitter and when i asked her what it is she had no good explaination and so i still refrain from that gayness

AdamChang said...

she's fob. she never uses it anyways. honestly, i've had mine since 2007 and i can't really describe to you exactly what it is. My best answer for you is to Wikipedia "Micro-blogging."